Sukhothai, Thailand

Sometimes people think that difficult problems require complicated solutions. When it comes to the problem of suffering, this is not the case. The solution to suffering couldn’t be simpler. Here is the formula for happiness:

  1. Bring the mind to the the present moment.
  2. Observe.
  3. Repeat from step 1.

In other words, happiness is right in front of us and it’s obvious if we would only take the time to look at it.

If it’s so simple to be happy, why do so many of us suffer so deeply? The reason is that saying that something is simple does not mean that it is easy. Overcoming suffering is difficult because we are preoccupied with doubt in the validity of the formula. The only way to overcome this doubt is to try the meditation practice and see for ourselves that it works.

As we gain experience with practice and see it working in our lives, we gain more confidence, the doubt slowly reduces and happiness begins to shine more brightly, becoming increasingly obvious.


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