Effective teachers identify the important lessons and then repeat these same concepts in different ways many different times over. This repetition takes advantage of the natural habit forming features of the mind that strengthen a given knowledge or habit the more often that it is encountered.

When we practice meditation, we are training the mind to be in the present moment by repeating the same habit of mindfulness over and over again. If we are training in mindfulness correctly, it will start to come easier to us over time and, as this happens, it will become an integral part of our character.

Just as we naturally know the way home from work and we don’t need to analyze our route every time, so too can mindfulness become our natural tendency. We encourage you to make it a priority to observe this for yourself so that you don’t have to take our word for it. Insight meditation is the perfect way for you to train the mind, observe the results and enjoy the happiness that ensues.

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