Wat Chomtong, Chiangmai, Thailand (2009).

My Dad likes to say we should never underestimate the power of a positive attitude.

When we look at things with mindfulness it is obvious that at any given time, there are some things about life that are less than desirable and there are some things that are going really well. When we practice insight meditation, we are training the mind to be in the present moment where we can experience unconditional happiness. As such, using insight meditation, we are also training ourselves to look at things from a positive perspective and this can be enormously valuable.

In particular, when we look at the full picture and not just the negatives, we can see opportunities for continued and enhanced success in places that, otherwise, we would never have considered. Therefore, using mindfulness we can create a virtuous cycle where our good intentions and deeds are rewarded with more opportunities to do good.

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