What is the motivation that keeps us going when we are in difficulty? Those are the moments when we are most in need to fall back on the fruits of meditation practice, emotional and material security, in other words, satisfaction.

How does the practice give rise to these fruits? Emotional fortitude comes from the habit of present moment awareness. This keeps us from becoming too concerned about the future or overcome with regret about what happened in the past. Because present moment awareness effectively neutralizes these major sources of negative emotions, we will be happier and less likely to seek out external validation.

Insight meditation also provides us with material security. This arises due to the clarity of purpose that accumulates overtime from our spiritual practice. Once we understand our strengths and what we want to achieve in life then our efficiency level will increase dramatically and we will never want to give up this advantage.

Together, this emotional and material security give us satisfaction, i.e., real happiness that does not depend on conditions and, with that support, we can overcome all kinds of difficulty.

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