There are very few if any challenges that cannot be overcome with persistence and a positive attitude. Far too often we allow ourselves to be fooled into giving up by a temporary setback. The reality is that what we are inclined to see as setbacks are not setbacks at all. They are just information about causes and effects.

There are literally billions of people in the world which means that there are innumerable opportunities for various kinds of interaction whether they be friendships, business relationships or spiritual endeavors. With all this opportunity available to us, how can we truthfully say that there is no way out of any given difficulty?

Application of the Buddha’s simple teaching of persistently bringing the mind into the present moment opens us up to the universe of possibilities. When the mind is in the present moment, we don’t need to fixate on an unfortunate memory or an unsubstantiated fear of the future. We are free to experience the diversity of ideas and possibilities that come our way. Access to this kind of creativity makes solutions to our problems readily accessible.

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