If we are trying to achieve a certain result, particularly if we have high expectations about the timeframe within which we can achieve it, we are likely to encounter frustration somewhere along the way.

When this occurs, we should not indulge in it and become discouraged because the fact that we have encountered it is a sign of progress not a sign of failure. Progress on a spiritual path can only be made when we are faced with difficulty.

It is at these times that we have the golden opportunity to sharpen our skills in mindfulness. Firstly, once we recognize that we have become frustrated, it immediately has less power over us. We realize very quickly after becoming aware of our frustration that it is not a productive emotion.

Secondly, this awareness gives us an opportunity to re-assess our current situation in the context of all the positive aspects of our life and how well positioned we are now to make further progress. It is this exact skill, of bringing the mind into the present moment, that will assure us continued happiness despite the odd temporary setback.

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