There are many benefits to riding a bicycle. One of the nicest things about cycling is that we are free to turn our heads and observe our surroundings whereas our view is obstructed while driving. Not only that, when we’re driving, there is more of an imperative to concentrate on the rules of the road and the other cars around us because we’re moving faster. If we consider our lives, we can see how sometimes we are living more like we’re driving than walking or cycling.

Sometimes because we’re so busy getting quickly from point A to B, we don’t spend time observing the journey and before we know it, the journey is over. To avoid this kind of result, the Buddha prioritized wisdom that arises only from observation over that which arises through thinking and analysis. When we observe, we keep our eye on the real objective which is happiness moment to moment, instead of satisfying the next craving which is usually a mirage. Thinking and analysis is more often concerned with the mirages rather than enduring satisfaction.

This does not mean that we should never drive anywhere. It’s just an analogy to make a point about how we get trapped into a particular way of seeing the world. In order to be happy we need to adjust our view point from one where happiness is based on acquiring things and getting our way as quickly as possible to one where we can experience happiness in the present moment. That way can be happy throughout the whole journey.

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