Problems arise when we’re locked into a particular way of viewing the world. We have our likes and our dislikes and we don’t want to change. When the world doesn’t fit into our desires, that creates a conflict that we label as a problem.

In reality, what we call problems are opportunities for us to become more creative. Obviously, that is not a very satisfactory statement especially when we’re in the midst of a difficult problem. But that is just another one of the realities of the world the we have to accept if we are going to find happiness.

Once we accept that, in order to be happier, we need to grow, then we can start to be open to looking at things differently. The best way to encourage that openness is to practice insight meditation.

When we apply mindfulness, we direct the mind to the present moment where the constraints of our fears and desires have less power over us. And that frees the mind to be more creative and to consider different options that we’ve never considered. In this way, everyone can start to become more creative.

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(4) Be Creative, C. Peaceful Families and Communities