If you could build any home for yourself (not considering the costs), what kind of home would you build? Would it be large and spacious or small and cramped? Would it be cleanly appointed or cluttered? Would you plant beautiful flowers outside or allow the weeds to accumulate? Whenever we act, we are building our own spiritual houses. Before acting therefore, it is wise to consider what kind of house we are building. The Buddha explained to us that good actions lead to good results.

And what is kamma that is bright with bright result? There is the case where a certain person [acts in a way that is not harmful] … [speaks in a way that is not harmful] … [thinks in a way that is not harmful] … He rearises in a non-injurious world … There he is touched by non-injurious contacts … He experiences feelings that are exclusively pleasant, like those of the Beautiful Black Devas. This is called kamma that is bright with bright result (AN 4.235)*.

Considering this advice, if we want the mind to be a peaceful home, we must act, speak and think peacefully upon the world. What better way to encourage this behaviour than to practice insight meditation, which helps us to slowly reduce the mental defilements, greed, anger and delusion.

*Ariyamagga Sutta: The Noble Path” (AN 4.235), translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu. Access to Insight (Legacy Edition), 3 July 2010

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