Once we have set a goal of spiritual progress, two factors will determine our successful realization of this result: the first factor is whether or not we are working towards the goal in an effective way and the second factor is how hard we are working towards the goal.

Let’s assume that we are certain that we have the right meditation practice and so the only determining factor is how hard we work, in other words, whether or not we are devoting enough time to meditation practice — our spiritual power plant.

Devoting time to meditation practice is not really about how busy we are. Being busy is just an excuse that we use to avoid what we know we have to do. Instead of indulging in the this excuse, we would be better off developing skill in overcoming our resistance to practice.

If we allow the mind to wander into the future, we might soon become overwhelmed with worry. If we allow the mind to linger in the past, regret might overtake us. Placing our trust in the present moment, we realize that, right now we have the ability to keep working. The benefits from this hard work in the right direction will soon become apparent.

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(5) Work Harder