Normally when we think about going on vacation we think about experiencing a delight of the senses. Maybe taking in some sight seeing, new restaurants or shows, spending time with family, or just seeing something new.

While these pursuits may be enjoyable, I wanted to let you know that a different type of vacation is possible. One in which we can get to know ourselves better, in which we can train ourselves in present moment awareness, one in which we can eventually learn to find happiness and peace wherever we are and not depend on new sights, smells and tastes for our own happiness.

I noticed that in contrast to a traditional vacation, when students return home from a meditation retreat they normally report feeling energized and excited to apply what they have learned into daily life. That is why I often encourage students to try to use some of their valuable vacation time on a retreat. This investment in our time helps us to make the most of our daily lives so that we can find happiness and peace wherever we are, whether we are lying on a beach in the Caribbean or working in our cubicle at work.

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